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About Empower Health

When you are hurting one of the hardest choices to make is deciding what doctor, or even what type of doctor, to visit.  Many questions may go through your head: Is surgery needed?  What about pills or injections?  Is Chiropractic the best natural choice? etc, etc, etc.  
Dr. Longo understands your concerns and is here to help you make the right choice.  Having taken extensive post graduate training in spinal injury, Dr. Longo is an expert at diagnosing what is wrong and then developing a plan to make you better... even if that means sending you to a different doctor.  You see, Dr. Longo works closely with a large network of surgeons, orthopedists, pain doctors, physical therapists, and neurologists.  Many studies have proven that chiropractic care is the best choice for certain injuries.  However, there is also evidence that for other injuries the best approach is to have a multi-specialty team working together so that you can get the best that each doctor has to offer.  It is in that spirit that Dr. Longo will create your treatment plan, making sure you get the absolute best of care.
At Empower Health we use cutting edge therapy such as Spinal Decompression therapy and Cold Laser therapy in addition to traditional chiropractic, rehabilitative exercises, electric muscle stim, traction, nutrition, and so forth.  Having such a wide array of therapy available allows us to help severe conditions such as disc herniations, whiplash injury, and ligament damage.  You can rest assured that you will receive modern, comprehensive, and expert chiropractic care.

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About Dr. Longo

Dr. Longo has attained post graduate credentials that have led to him having status through both chiropractic and medical academia as a Trauma Team member, Interdisciplinary Hospital Qualified, Primary Spine Care Provider, and Pediatric Chiropractic. These credentials are subsequent of an enormous amount of post graduate training. Why is this important? Because it means that when you visit Dr. Longo, you can have absolute confidence that you are with an exceptional doctor who will deliver to you the best of care. Whether you have been in a car crash or have back pain and don’t know why, Dr. Longo is happy to help you get back on track.