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The Best Chiropractors in Mehlville, Bringing You Pain Relief and Wellness

Chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, and acupuncture treatments have been used for years to help people heal. At Empower Health, our chiropractor, Dr. Longo, is excited to offer these pain reliving services to the Mehlville community.

Why Choose Us?

The Mehlville fraternity, when searching for top chiropractors near me, choose our wellness center because of our distinctive approach to injury and pain management. Unlike regular medical care, we focus on the underlying causes of your pain – and not just the symptoms. When your body is out of alignment, there’s often a spinal disc compressing nearby nerves, leading to chronic pain, injury, and fatigue. While modern medicine can relieve you from pain temporarily, but if the nerve continues to be compressed, you will remain in pain. At Empower Health, we identify the underlying misalignment in your spine and use cutting edge therapies such as Spinal Decompression Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy, in addition to traditional Chiropractic, rehabilitative exercises, electric muscle stim, traction, nutrition, and so forth. 

Our wide array of therapies allow us to help treat severe conditions such as disc herniations, whiplash injury, and ligament damage. Once you are in Dr. Longo’s hands, you can rest assured that you will receive modern, comprehensive, and expert chiropractic care.


When you are in pain, one of the hardest choices to make is deciding what doctor or even what specific type of doctor to visit. Many questions run across your head: Is surgery needed? What about painkillers or injections? Should herbal care help? Is Chiropractic the best natural choice? etc., etc., etc.  

At Empower Health Chiropractor center, you have Dr. Longo to understand your concerns. He is here to help you make the right choice. Having taken extensive post-graduate training in spinal injury, Dr. Longo is an expert at diagnosing what is wrong and then developing a method to make you feel better even if that means sending you to a different doctor. 

Dr. Longo partners with a large network of surgeons, orthopedists, pain doctors, physical therapists, and neurologists.  Many studies have proven that chiropractic care is the best choice for specific injuries. However, there is also evidence that for other injuries, the best approach is to have a multi-specialty team working together so that you can get the best that each doctor has to offer. We are not here to make you our client; we are here to help you heal and relieve your pain. It is in that spirit that Dr. Longo will create your treatment plan, making sure you get the absolute best of care.


Our Services

Chiropractic Care

The school of treatment where we focus on the musculoskeletal structure of the body to relieve pain and heal certain conditions. Chiropractic care, at Empower Health, can be performed as an alternative to medication or surgery, and can also be paired with medicine or surgery for maximum healing.

Personal Injury

Injuries, whether major or minor, can be frustrating. If you are struggling with a personal injury from an auto accident, sports injury, or work-related accident, Empower Health chiropractor center offers to relieve you from pain and permanently heal you.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical alternative to treating back pain. At Empower Health, Dr. Longo uses this conservative treatment and often recommended it prior to surgical spinal decompression, which is considered a last resort if chronic pain persists.

About Dr. Longo

If you’ve been googling ‘best chiropractor near me’ for quite some time, then you are on the right page finally! At Empower Health, you have Dr. Long at your service. Dr. Longo has attained post-graduate credentials that have led to him having status through both Chiropractic and medical academia as a Trauma Team member, Interdisciplinary Hospital Qualified, Primary Spine Care Provider, and Pediatric Chiropractic. These credentials are subsequent to an enormous amount of post-graduate training. Why is this important? Because it means that when you visit Dr. Longo, you can have absolute confidence that you are with a professional expert who will deliver to you the best of care. Whether you have been in a car crash or have back pain and don’t know why, Dr. Longo is happy to help you get back on track.