Who we are?

With a goal of eradicating chronic disease and eliminating recurring pain, our team of healthcare professionals all share a common focus ā€“ to provide natural, non-invasive and highly effective care to individuals of all ages. Combining functional medicine with chiropractic care and regenerative techniques, including stem cell therapy, we treat much more than just your symptoms. We discover the cause and design treatment plans to control the issue quickly without the use of harmful drugs or surgery. Find out the restorative benefits of functional medicine by contacting our St. Louis wellness center now.

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Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!

Steve S.

When I started the program my blood was in the 200s. Now it is down to 100. I would definitely recommend Dr. Longo. It has proven to me that this thing works!

Lee P.

When I started my BMI was 30 and now is down to 25. I feel a lot better. Got tested for A1C which is now down to 5.3, which is non-diabetic. Iā€™d say this program definitely works!