As St. Louis’ newest and most innovative functional medicine provider, Empower Health, led by Dr. Kyle Longo, is dedicated to the reversal and eradication of chronic disease. Backed by more than a decade of chiropractic experience and extensive research, our expertise lies in natural, regenerative health measures. Proud to offer comprehensive alternatives to traditional western medicine modalities, the Empower Health team was developed for the specific cause of restoring optimal health to those suffering from diabetes, neuropathy and thyroid issues.

Thanks to recent advances in medical science, we possess the ability to reverse the symptoms and effects of chronic disease through a variety of exclusive protocols and treatment formulas.

Why we do what we do – Dr. Longo’s Personal Story

With diabetes being a major factor affecting my family throughout my childhood, I soon understood the detrimental effects of this damaging disease. As my grandmother’s diabetes worsened, she began to suffer a variety of life-altering symptoms, finally developing Alzheimer’s disease in her later years. With her health taking continued turns for the worse, my parent’s lives became overcome with practically constant concern and care for her, up until the day she died.

When I first became involved with medicine, focusing on restorative health care and natural medicine, it struck me that the traditional treatment for diabetes, and most other chronic diseases, hadn’t changed in the decades since my grandmother’s passing. Still treating only the symptoms and not the cause of what is, for most sufferers, a reversible illness, I believed that western medicine has let us down in the hunt for a cure. It is this belief that compelled me to start my own personal mission to eradicate diabetes. Through in-depth research into restorative medicine and functional care, I’ve been proud to add to the innovative protocols that are changing the face of medicine and the long-term treatment of chronic diseases.

With the help of my knowledgeable staff, and support from the functional medicine pioneers that came before me, it is my duty and obligation to stamp out diabetes for this and future generations.