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There are, literally, thousands of articles that have shown chiropractic care to be safe and effective. The US Chiropractic Directory has done a sufficient job of providng a synopsis of some of that research in layman's terms while also providing for all of the citations to the original research. To begin learning about what science has to say about chiropractic, please visit:

In short, what research has shown is that Chiropractic care is more effective at treating low back pain, neck pain, headaches, disc problems, sciatica, and whiplash than medical care or physical therapy. For these conditions chiropractic patients have fewer hospitalizations, fewer surgeries, and take fewer medications all while achieving less pain and a higher quality of life. Chiropractic care has even been shown to be the single most cost effective/affordable form of care for these conditions!

So, Chiropractic care results in: less pain, higher quality of life, fewer side effects, fewer surgeries, fewer medications, and lower costs vs. the primary alternatives of medical care or PT... Chiropractic is the logical and reasonable choice!