Utilizing the tried-and-true and extensively proven techniques of chiropractic, our St. Louis wellness clinic helps patients of all ages experience relief from neck, back and extremity pain of all types, as well as recovery from illness and disease. As a medically-acknowledged foundation of functional medicine, chiropractic treatments are focused on restoring proper function to the spine and nervous system by removing harmful subluxations.

Taking full advantage of recent innovations in manipulative care, we’ve been able to develop and improve a number of chiropractic techniques, using a gentle approach and adjusting the spine without cracking or popping. Backed by years of experience and extensive knowledge, our state-of-the-art equipment and medically-advanced techniques allow each of our valued patients to enjoy restored health without invasive surgery or harmful pain medications.

With a focus that has always been keenly aimed at helping others achieve optimal health and wellness, Dr. Longo and the rest of the Empower Health team proudly offers chiropractic care that exceeds expectations. We invite you to let us change the way you think about chiropractors and natural health care by scheduling your initial health assessment today. With customized treatment plans, designed to address your unique needs, we strive to help you live free of pain.

We offer chiropractic services for the following:
Personal Injury
Pain Relief
Corrective Care

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