Reverse Diabetes With Functional Medicine

At Empower Health, we consider diabetes a scourge on Americans, our economy and health care as a whole. With almost 10 percent of our population diagnosed with the disease, and many others remaining undiagnosed, the ailment is costing us more than $250 billion a year. Therefore, it is our mission to completely eradicate Type II diabetes within this lifetime, by empowering and educating patients about their own care, while providing drug-free, natural methods to go beyond merely controlling of the illness.

Because Type II diabetes can be reversed, restoring health and wellness to even the most dire patients, we’ve worked to develop a treatment plan that provides patients an alternative to the ineffective methods of traditional medicine. Using functional medicine protocols and methods that were specifically developed for the treatment and reversal of diabetes, we’ve proudly helped thousands of people control their health, quit their medications and develop healthy lifestyle habits and nutrition that protect them from the return of their illness.

If your Type II diabetes still continues to negatively affect your health, and you’re tired of the harmful side effects of your medication, it is time to think differently about your illness. It can be reversed. Find out how by scheduling your personal health assessment with Dr. Longo today.