What is Pediatric Chiropractic Care?

Pediatric Chiropractic Care addresses the health needs and biomechanics of infants and youth.

Empower Health’s Dr. Longo, DC, earned his Chiropractic Pediatric Certificate from Logan University and is an expert in advising parents on a variety of developmental topics and assisting children through normal growth transitions as well as specific musculoskeletal disorders. The adjustments given to children are not the same as the adjustments you would see being given to an adult. Pediatric techniques vary greatly and at a much lesser intensity.

Children are typically born with what are considered subluxations of the spine. The birth process is physically hard on a newborn and depending on medical issues such as breech birth, C-section birth, suction or forcep use, the already hard process can be made worse. Pediatric Chiropractic Care can be started with children as young as an hour old through adulthood.

Newborns may struggle with post-birth musculoskeletal issues and latching-on challenges; young children often require care for posture, spine development and appropriate muscle strength; and youth can suffer pain from falls, repetitive use or sport injuries. Chiropractic care also plays an important role in the care of children with special needs.

Pediatric chiropractic adjustments treat the imbalances of the body and remove interferences which often lead to conditions such as:

  ADD and ADHD





  Developmental Delays (crawling, walking, talking, etc)

  Digestive Issues

  Ear Infections

  Headaches and Migraines

  Latching Issues



When Might a Baby Need Chiropractic Care?

While birth is a natural process, it can sometimes leave the musculoskeletal system of the baby in bad condition. Significant strain is felt by the spine and neck of the baby during birth, with as many as 80-95% of babies experiencing some form of spinal trauma related to their birth.

So how do you know that your baby might need expert chiropractic care? There are some signs that a parent can look out for to see if their baby’s spinal and cranial conditions are as healthy as possible. Some of these signs includes:

  The mother experienced a difficult birth

  There are some signs of asymmetry in the baby’s body, particularly in the bottom, pelvis, or hips

  Flat or misshapen head

  Asymmetrical face

  The baby has a preference for a single head position

  The baby has difficulty turning the head

  Problems with sleeping

  Excessive fussing

  Issues with breastfeeding, such as a weak suck or weak latch

  Easily scared or startled

Thankfully, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to chiropractic adjustment for a baby. All babies should experience a chiropractic assessment so that doctors can see immediately if any help is needed.

Chiropractic care techniques for babies are extremely gentle, involving very little intense manipulation. These techniques are generally limited to light stretching and mobilization of the skull, pelvis, and spine. These areas are normalized to ensure that the baby’s neuro-musculoskeletal system grows properly and without constraint.

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