It’s just a small, butterfly-shaped gland that sits in the front of your neck; seemingly no big deal. But if its just a bit off in its function, it can wreak havoc on the rest of your body. Whether it’s over-reacting, pumping out loads of hormones, or sluggish and ineffective, selfishly keeping hormones from being properly distributed, a dysfunctional thyroid can cause a variety of body-wide symptoms.

Because hormones regulate so much of your body’s systems, the proper function of the thyroid is imperative to good health. Hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, often leaves sufferers with unexplainable muscle aches and pains, extreme and unplanned weight loss, skin changes and sudden balding in both men and women. Hypothyroidism is known to cause fatigue, weight gain, high cholesterol, pain and swelling in joints, irregular menstrual periods, depression, constipation and dry skin.

As functional medicine providers, committed to the delivery of natural, restorative healthcare, we focus our efforts on resetting your thyroid back to normal. By changing your diet and lifestyle, while performing a variety of functional medicine procedures, we’ll strive to restore proper hormone distribution, allowing you to feel better almost immediately.

Stop suffering from the symptoms of thyroid dysfunctions and restore your metabolic responses by scheduling your next health assessment with Empower Health in St. Louis now. We promise patient-centric care backed by medical professionals who are committed to wellness.